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Automated Peer2Peer Cryptocurrency Trading

Orderbook style trading on a decentralized marketplace. DEXswap does not hold anyones tokens, The automated process is powered by the Swap Protocol by AirSwap.

  • Trade over 30 different alt coins

Trade Anonymously from your MetaMask, Ledger or Trazor Wallet - Zero Fees

No sign up required, no account needed to trade on decentralized token marketplace. Simply request a trade, access your wallet and you can trade directly with the buyer or seller.

No fees!

How Decentralized Token Trading Works

DEXswap is powered by the SWAP Protocol, a decentralized blockchain driven platform for trading cryptocurrencies. Being decentralised, DEXswap does not store any cryptocurrencies, you trade direct with buyers and sellers in a secure and automated environment.

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    Choose your trade
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    Request an order
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    Accept the order
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Cryptocurrency Tokens You Can Trade

Trade your cryptocurrency tokens on our secure and decentralzed token marketplace, with new coins being added all the time.

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